Mastodon and Machinehead Coming to The Intersection July 11th!
Last time Mastodon graced us with their presence, they brought with them an arsenal of metal sharing the stage with Opeth. The show SOLD OUT! The 'metal' was powerful that night, and Mastodon tore up the stage. Apparently, they could not get enough of Grand Rapids, so they h…
Dethklok and Machinehead to Bring Brutality to the Orbit Room
With the disappointment of the cancelled Dethklok/Lamb of God tour, Dethklok will not let the fans down. Originally scheduled to hit the Delta Plex a month ago. Dethklok is now bringing a sick amount of metal to the Orbit Room! With some awesome special guest!
Machinehead’s Robb Flynn HATES Metallica’s ‘LuLu’
Metallica not to long ago made a collaborative album with Lou Reed named 'LuLu.' This album brought up a TON of controversy upon Metallica fans calling them anything from Non-Metal to Sell outs even. Metallica (all the controversy aside...) still brings the metal all around the world. Rob …
Robb Flynn (Machinehead) joins FULL METAL JACKIE TONIGHT!
Check out Full Metal Jackie tonight as she is joined by Machinehead's very own ROBB FLYNN!
Also music from Meshuggah, Terrorizer, Slayer and more.  And of course, THE MAD MINUTE WITH ODERUS URUNGUS OF GWAR!!