Man Ends Up In Dumpster, Survives Dirty Ride [Video]
There have been stories where a person was accidentally dumped into the back of a garbage truck and crushed inside it, which is always an unfortunate story.
This guy, though, was dumped into the back of a garbage truck because he was going through a dumpster, but was lucky enough to not be crushed.
E.T’s Home Found in the New Mexico Landfill [Video]
As a gaming history geek, it was a very exciting weekend. For years, I have been reading of the rise and fall of Atari and the gaming industry. Many myths and legends have been spoken of over the years, some true and some not. It's not everyday that we get a rare chance to see someone figure out a m…
City Dump Named After Durst
When the City of Austin asked its citizens to help rename Solid Waste Services, the people made their voices heard: An overwhelming number of those polled want it named after a certain Limp Bizkit frontman.
According to the Austin Chronicle, Solid Waste Services hoped to re-brand itself by focusin…