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10 Things To Do this Weekend: June 1st-3rd
Not only is it the Festival of the Arts in downtown Grand Rapids this weekend, but there are also a couple of concerts and plays, two different runs, a free dental clinic, a reptile & exotic pet show, and a chance to adopt a dog.
Uber Kitten Delivery a Success in Grand Rapids
Last Thursday was National Cat Day! To celebrate, Uber teamed up with the Humane Society of West Michigan to deliver kittens to workplaces in Grand Rapids!
Wood-TV8 reports that the inaugural Uber kitten fundraiser was a huge success!
Cruella Wants to Come Home With You!
Need a furry family member? There are plenty of great dogs and cats at the Humane Society of West Michigan.
Check out this pretty girl named Cruella! Don't let the name fool you though, she is a sweet dog.
Max Needs a New Home; Maybe Yours?
Every Tuesday, my heartstrings get pulled as the Humane Society of West Michigan makes a stop by the station.
They bring in a furry friend that needs a home!
This week, this very happy dog came in named Max.
Max has a sad story.
Someone Adopt Mr. Pat the Cat!
I love animals. I have had cats, dogs, hamsters, ginea pigs, all of my life. Every Tuesday, the Humane Society of West Michigan comes into the WGRD studios and brings a new furry friend that is looking for a home. However, every time I go onto their website, I see this cat that has been there for al…
Beverly Stops by WGRD Studios
Looking for a new family member to take home? This little girl may be that new family member!
Meet Beverly from the Humane Society of West Michigan!
Halloween Kittens Stop by the GRD Studio!
One of the more fun aspects of my job is that every Tuesday, the Humane Society stops by the GRD studio and brings us an animal that needs a home. I don't think anyone can resist a kitten right?
Especially when they are entirely black or orange! Like Halloween!

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