Is This the Best Hotel in Michigan?
Michigan has a lot going for it that make it an awesome vacation destination: great beer, beaches, food, festivals, and more!
But where is the very best hotel in Michigan? According to a survey of Travel and Leisure readers, it's in Birmingham.
Fight Over Waffle Maker Gets 30 People Kicked out of Michigan Hotel
Listen, who doesn't love waffles at a complimentary breakfast? You get to pour in the batter yourself, turn that iron over, then boom, in a matter of minutes, your own delicious waffle.
While I understand how awesome waffles are, I'm not exactly sure how 30 people managed to get kicked out …
MMA Guys Take Down Hotel Thief!
Whenever you decide you are a dumba__ and think, "Yea I need to rob this hotel right now." Just because the cops are not there, doesn't mean that ninja's are not around the corner.