Thrive Grand Rapids [Video]
As if there weren't enough reasons to love our city, check out this video: "Thrive Grand Rapids."
It's a short video showing the improvements Grand Rapids has made and is making, and why in the next few years we will continue to prosper!
Walmart Brawl For Last Copy Of GTA 5
Oh don't we love a good Walmart brawl? Well the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 came and the people of walmart were a little over excited. Check out this video of an extreme brawl over a video game!
WGRD’s Jackie Graduates College!
It has been a long, extremely fun, road to graduation for me.  I was an applied speech communication major at Ferris State University (Go Bulldogs!!) and have more crazy drunk stories then anyone I know... That said, I am so happy to finally have my bachelors degree (it only took me 6 years...
Jackies Late Rebuttle To JT’s Lady Gaga Bashing
I am late for everything and this is also much like me, late BUT its never to late to argue with JT about something.  JT and myself went to go see Lady Gaga back in March at the van andel arena and unlike me JT wasnt exactly pleased with the show, I can actually quote him as saying, "I…
Pizzeria Madness!
ickolas Galiatsatos, who owns Philadelphia-area pizza shop Nina’s Bella Pizzeria, wanted a leg up on his local competitors so he decided it would be a good time for some good ole' fashion SABOTAGE!!! Yup, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer he planted mice in their restaurants...
Breast Milk Ice Cream!
Get this guys... you'll never believe it but breast milk ice cream is no longer available in England!  I know what an outrage!  Local authorities in London have pulled this unusual ice cream concoction  in response to public complaints over whether the shop should be selling edib…
Little Red ‘ROCKIN’ Hood
Not too long ago I traveled to New York City! Other than being unbelievable, I was chosen to do a kick ass photo shoot (the reason I went) and that was, a gothic, sexy, red riding hood!  Oh yah, who doesnt like childhood fables turned into sexy adults...
Heavy Weights Week 3!
Once again, if you missed last nights craziness, then you are in luck!  I have another video to catch you up on everything Heavy Weights, and make sure to come out next friday night for week 4, at the Intersection 8:00!!!!
Heavy Weights Week 3
Rock Star for a Day!
I don't play any instruments, I'm not a good singer, and I do not have any tattoos... all in all I am a typical 25 year old girl, so you can bet I was fricken excited when I got to play rock star for a day in a photo shoot with Zach Sutton (hes a kick ass dude photographer/bass player...