Petition Started to Include GWAR’s Oderus Urungus in Mortal Kombat X
How awesome would this be? Not only does Mortal Kombat kick ass, but the new Mortal Kombat X is on the horizon. After watching the Clueless Game with Conan O' Brian, this may be the reason I finally purchased a Xbox One or PS4.
You know what would make the game the best? If it included now decea…
Listen to WGRD to Win rePlay: Symphony of Heroes Tickets!
Guess what!? You remember that cool video game symphony that I was talking about on for the past few weeks? Well, tickets can be pretty expensive, but why pay for them when you can win them though us?
Heck yea, we have free tickets to rePlay: Symphony of Heroes that you could win!
Nintendo Has Me Wrapped Around Their Finger! [Video]
Why is it that every time Nintendo announces something, I have to own it? I owe it to my Nintendo Fanboy-ism on this, but yesterdays Nintendo Direct video had me excited for a lot of things, but one certain item stood out.
I already own one of these, but why do I need to buy another one?
Nintendo Announces 3D Sega Games, New 3DS XL, and More! [Video]
The cool thing about Nintendo lately is that they have grasped the internet and release these videos loaded with their upcoming product. To me, it is just as exciting as receiving a magazine with your name on it when you were a kid. Today, Nintendo released a new Nintendo Direct video loaded with ne…
The Nintendo Entertainment System is 30 Years Old! [Video]
I can only think of good times when I think of the original Nintendo. The amazing games that I continue to play today are treasured memories that remind me of childhood so well. Even though the NES isn't my all time favorite game console, it is a VERY close second.
Hard to believe this iconic vi…
KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is Just an Awkward Video Game
Last night I hooked up my Sega Dreamcast and played some video games. My friend Bruce had a new game that he wanted to try so I broke it out. When I opened the disc door, I noticed I left a game in there. It was KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child. After we played his game, I played it for a bit…
Online Gaming Communities Are Full of Whiny Gamers
I own a Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and they are great consoles. Lately though, they have been sitting and collecting dust, or are Netflix machines. I used to play games online quite frequently! Racking up big scores and yelling at people online. I have really grown tired of it.
That Christmas Morning in 1998 That Defined my Video Game Life
If you know me, you'll know that I am quite the avid video game player, specifically Nintendo games. I have been playing video games for the majority of my life, and it still is a major part of it. Heck, even writing this blog is directly related to my video game playing! Gaming has impacted my deci…
Metalhead Ned is Addicted to Nintendo’s Amiibo’s
I knew this was going to happen, I really did.
When I saw Skylanders and Disney Infinity, I thought it was kind of childish. You buy the video game, then you have to buy toys to play the game! Well, they've got me there, that's pretty genius. Release one game and a bunch of toys to go with…

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