Video Games I Received on Christmas Over the Years
Before video games were common place in your house, receiving a video game on Christmas was a big deal! You couldn't just go out and buy the newest video game like you can today, it was something that took a lot of thinking because whatever you chose to get had to last you for a long time!
Why is Resident Evil 4 So Good?
It's been awhile since I focused on one game. Previously when I nerd out about a video game, it was about Super Metroid and Mega Man X. Now it's time to go for a game that re-defined the Survival Horror genre. Is it Survival Horror though? More of an Action-Horror?
I don't know, this g…
Watch Metallica’s Entire Blizzcon 2014 Performance Here
On Saturday, Metallica hit Blizzcon, to bring a little metal to the gaming convention to go with all the swords, monsters, and new game announcements.
There was a new FPS, "Overwatch" announced at the event, and then Metallica played a great set that included "Hit the Lights", &qu…
Gears of War 3 Horde is Still a Ton of Fun!
Lately I have been playing all sorts of new games. Hyrule Warriors, The Evil Within, Grand Theft Auto 5, etc. These games are fun, but my favorite game to play online was Gears of War 3. I noticed as I was looking through my recently played games, I haven't played Gears 3 for an entire year! La…
JonTron Tackles Clock Tower in His Halloween Special [Video]
I don't know what it is about JonTron, but he cracks me up every time he releases a video. I have heard of the game named 'Clock Tower' many times in the past, but I never heard of the Super Famicom release ever! Thanks to JonTron through, I now know of the existence of this mediocre …
The Evil Within Hits Store Shelves Today! [Video]
Finally! A game that I am actually excited about! It has been quite some time since I have been actually excited for a game to be released.
The only games that seem to really wow me these days are Nintendo games. Why? They seem original, or at least are improvements over their previous release which…
Super Smash Bros. WiiU Release Date Confirmed for November 21st!
Damn Nintendo, it's about time! Super Smash Bros. was recently released on the Nintendo 3DS a few days ago. Normally I would be playing the hell out of it, but growing up occurred and bills showed up, so I am stuck with those for the time being. There is one game though that regardless of how many b…
This Day 18 Years Ago, Nintendo 64 Was Released [Video]
18 years ago...18 freakin' years ago! This juggernaut of awesomeness was unveiled to the masses. I remember this being the last video game console I received with a childish amount of excitement, cause I was a kid. Hard to believe that the Nintendo 64 is 18 years old.

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