Grand Rapids On Tap Live Entertainment Will Be Fun
Grand Rapids On Tap is just over a month away, Jul y15th, and we're really looking forward to all the great beers from around West Michigan, and the rest of the country. We're excited for the great food that'll be there, and the live music will be fun!
A DJ’s Concert Day – Volbeat Behind the Scenes
Monday, June 5, 2017, Volbeat hit Grand Rapids for a show at 20 Monroe Live. I decided to take you behind the scenes of a typical concert day for a DJ, including being on the air, the Meet & Greet, introducing the band, and rocking during the show!
Belgian Drummer is a Kick-Ass One-Man Music Machine! [Video]
Most DJs just play crap from their laptops and check their email while people dance, but this dude rocks the hell out of the drum kit!
Okay, so technically there are two guys in SquarElectric, but the other guy mostly does video and some sound effects.  The guy controlling all the music and samples, …