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Metallica’s ‘One’ Medieval Time’s Style
There are lots of Metallica covers out there. But have you ever heard a Metallica song go all medieval on everyone's asses?
Well. Stary Olsa, a band from Minsk, Belarus, is a neo-medieval folk band who recently covered Metallica's "One" on a show called “Legends Live…
Heavy Metal Fan Plays Scorching Megadeth Solo on iPhone
Whatever your opinion of heavy metal god and legendary crankster Dave Mustaine, there's no denying that the dude can shred. But what's even more impressive is this amazing cover of Mustaine's solo from Megadeth's 'Holy Wars...The Punishment Due.' Oh, and did we mention …
10 Awesome Cover Songs By Rock Bands [Videos]
I'm a big fan of a good cover song. When I go to a concert for a band I like and they belt out journey tune, or something epic from Britney Spears I go crazy. In honor of that I decided to create the top 10 most awesome cover songs!