Female Fighter Records Incredibly Quick Knockout…Twice!
We have talked many times here at the WGRD MMA Page about the growing minor organizations for mixed martial arts. The raging debate about hot chicks fighting each other has already taken place. One thing all of us mixed martial arts fans cannot deny, though, is the love of a good knockout.
What Hockey Camera Men Do While Not On the Air
The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have been quite a bumpy ride thus far this year. Penalty minutes are up, hits become a bit harder, more blood is shed. Let us take a minute then and enjoy a gentler side of this physical sport, gawking at females in the stands.
Chick On Chick Knockout: Dirty or Fair Game?
The saying goes in boxing as well as mixed martial arts, "Defend yourselves at all time." The spotlight was shining on this topic more so than ever since boxer Floyd Mayweather knocked out Victor Ortiz in the fourth round of a bout last year that was deemed by many as "dirty." We…
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