Empty The Shelter Event A Huge Success For Area Animal Shelters
Yesterday was the “Empty the Shelter” event at 69 animal shelters around Michigan.  The event was sponsored by Bissell Pet Foundation, who paid the adoption fees for the over 1,500 pets that were adopted!
According to Fox 17, twenty-two of the 69 shelters reported being empty or almo…
This Cat Doesn’t Care About Owner’s Sweet Yoga Moves [Video]
Cats really don't give a crap about much, unless their food bowl is empty. Then they care  a whole lot. They may also care about birds outside the window, drinking water straight from the faucet, and rolling in fresh laundry.
But they certainly do not care about much else. Your sweet yoga moves are o…
This Angry Cat Vine is Just Hilarious [Video]
I don't really watch Vine videos that much. Sometimes they can be funny, and most times it's some bro making some sort of pop music reference that I don't get.
One thing that is great about these Vine videos though, is cat vines, and I think I found the best one out there.
House Cat Stands up to Mountain Lion [Video]
OK, so it is through a sliding glass door, but you you have to admit, this house cat is pretty fearless for staring into the face of a giant mountain lion and not freaking the hell out.
YouTuber, Tom Mabe was visiting friends in Boulder, Colorado when he spotted the house cat vs wild cat action.

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