Product of Society Won the WGRD/Wayland Band Contest!
A couple months ago, when we announced the Free Beer and Hot Wings Live Show at the Intersection, and the Wayland Hometown Holiday Extravaganza, we had an idea: How about we have a contest to get a new local band up on stage for the show?
It turned out to be pretty cool, as dozens of bands sent in th…
Local Band Battle- Edge From Falling VS Vertical Bridge
Last friday at 1pm I did something I have never done before.  I played a song by a local band... Now most you probably realize we are not supposed to just throw songs from just anybody in willy nilly... well I heard this song from Uncommon Road and I had to play it!
This is How Bands Tour in Russia [Video]
In Russia, bands have a much harder time making it big. Unless your one of Putin's favorite groups.. it's a struggle. So you have to come up with outside of the box ways to promote your band. Don't just tour arenas, bars and other venues. No, no, no. Take your tour to the highways and…
Heavy Weights Week 3!
Once again, if you missed last nights craziness, then you are in luck!  I have another video to catch you up on everything Heavy Weights, and make sure to come out next friday night for week 4, at the Intersection 8:00!!!!
Heavy Weights Week 3