Atari: Game Over Documentary Available on Netflix [Video]
A few months ago, Microsoft funded a documentary that was set to debunk the myth about the mystery of the Atari landfill.
According to myth, Atari buried thousands of video game cartridges after they declared bankruptcy in New Mexico.
Was the myth true though?
E.T’s Home Found in the New Mexico Landfill [Video]
As a gaming history geek, it was a very exciting weekend. For years, I have been reading of the rise and fall of Atari and the gaming industry. Many myths and legends have been spoken of over the years, some true and some not. It's not everyday that we get a rare chance to see someone figure out a m…
The Search for ‘E.T’ Game Carts to Continue in New Mexico [Video]
This is always a story that has fascinated me, for no real reason. All it really is, is a story about a company dumping massive amounts of product into a landfill. However, it's really the cove-up that's the interesting thing about it. This story has garnerd so much interest, that a small …
The First Video Game Console I Played Named Atari 2600 [Video]
I was born in 1987. Around this time in video gaming, the Nintendo Entertainment System was dominating the video game market and everyone at the time already forgot about that wood paneled console named Atari 2600. Bleeps and Boops on the screen, and squares battling squares. It was primitive, but f…

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