Rock on the Range has rapidly become the biggest sort of European-style festival in the U.S., and there are more that are building quickly as well, which is great!  The chance to go to one place and be able to experience so many bands in a short amount of time, covering all different kinds of rock and metal is something the U.S. has been way behind Europe.

One of the bands on the main stage during Rock on the Range 2014 was Staind, who have been away again while Aaron Lewis does his solo country music.  They can still rock pretty hard when together, though!

Right before this song, "It's Been Awhile", Aaron took a moment to call out the schmucks in the crowd who were groping every girl that was crowd-surfing.  Some of these girls were landing on the pit side of the barricade with their shirts ripped off completely.  Not cool, and he (and other bands, including 5FDP, got really pissed about it).

Watch this video, and then get your tickets to the Staind show at Soaring Eagle with Sevendust!