Wingstock artist Sick Puppies rocked the main stage at Rock On The Range this past weekend, but bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin had time to sit down for an interview with me before their set. The two talked about their latest album Tri-Polar, the one album that each of them needed to have in case the Rapture did occur and more.

Tri-Polar has become Sick Puppies' most successful record to date, becoming a top 10 smash for them. I asked Emma and Mark if making Tri-Polar very accessible was a focus for the band or approached it as just another rock record.

"I think it was because we were on the road for two years beforehand doing Dressed Up As Life, our first album, and we wanted to make something a little harder I think, and something a little more appealing to a broader demographic," explained Anzai. "Also, it was the first time we did festivals and we saw how bands commanded the audience with those type of songs.

"And not only that, we've been on tour for like two and a half years and got very frustrated," added the bassist. "A lot of that frustration came out on the record. And also there's a softer side as well. It kind of came about naturally."

Goodwin joined Anzai and lead singer Shim Moore after the two moved from their native Australia to Los Angeles and responded to an ad. I asked the stickman if he was a little skeptical since he had no prior knowledge of Anzai and Moore.

"It was pretty interesting," said Goodwin. "There were ads in Craigslist, there were ads in rehearsal rooms,  at Guitar Center and stuff. I still have the ad actually, too. It was just one of those things like fate. I just got lucky and found them and we had this great chemistry and kept it going. It was good."

Good indeed. You can watch the rest of the interview below. Sick Puppies will take over the stage at Wingstock 2011, along with Seether, Hinder and Wayland, June 11 at Fifth Third Ballpark. Tickets are available at the Fifth Third Ballpark box office and online.

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