Alter Bridge continue to build on their Rocktagon winning streak with their second victory coming at the expense of Pepper. The "Isolation" rockers now face veterans Nonpoint and their song "That Day."

Alter Bridge plan to release their fourth studio album Fortress on October 8. Lead single "Addicted to Pain" has come out strong since its debut earlier this month. The song has a heavy theme that guitarist Mark Tremonti explains to Billboard.

“It’s pretty much about an abusive relationship where somebody just keeps on going in this relationship, getting maybe not just physically beat up but mentally beat up,” Tremonti says. “They've done it for so long they pretty much tell them that they must be addicted to this pain to keep on going through it.”

Nonpoint dropped their self-titled seventh studio disc last October via Razor & Tie. The album was a back-to-basics endeavor for the band, who experienced a lineup refresh among other changes. "At some point, people don't want to be away from their families, or the road isn't exactly for them," vocalist Elias Soriano told NewsAdvance. "For us, this is all we want to do. We have families and children, but our families and our children are a part of this with us. It's something that we've chosen, and there's still a lot more music to write."

Listen to Alter Bridge's "Addicted to Pain" and Nonpoint's "That Day" below and vote for who you want to win.

Listen to Alter Bridge's "Addicted To Pain"

Listen to Nonpoint's "That Day"

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