Richie Incognito has potentially completely lost it. The Miami Dolphins player, who was suspended Nov. 3rd following the release of a voicemail he left for teammate Johnathan Martin, had his suspension lifted last week. Wednesday, he took to Twitter to let people know what kinds of things he thought about during his suspension.

This is all real.

His first tweet was relatively innocent.

And the second one wasn't too terrible.

But then...

And, the kicker (football pun not intended)...

Calling people out for calling you out is one thing, Incognito. I get it, you're mad that you were outed as a sexist, racist prick. But, if Johnathan Martin admitted something as serious as suicidal thoughts in confidence, that's not something you blast out there on Twitter for the whole world to see.

Oh! And now, he doesn't have anything to say, apparently: