In the month since my girlfriend has moved in, I've become aware of many of the differences between men and women, but none more glaring than what I learned this weekend.  If you follow along with our Show Meeting videos on a daily basis, you know about the standoff we've been having over whose pots and pans to use. I finally gave in and just agreed to use hers. I also agreed to hang up some shelves in the kitchen to display some of her knick-knacks.

That's one difference: knick-knacks. Guys typically don't have them. Women have boxes of them. Here's a before and after of my kitchen wall.

Before.  I was happy with the wall just the way it was.

And after.

Now I'll admit  it looks very nice AND provides extra storage for some glasses in case we have a bunch of company, right? WRONG!  Wha?  I quickly learned that these glasses aren't for drinking. They're for decoration. Only in extreme drink emergencies will these be used. It's like the couch at your mom's house that you weren't allowed to sit on.  They’re there to impress people, but not to utilize.

Regardless, I did my manly duty, hung up the shelves and they actually came it level.  And she's super happy about it.  I guess it's a win for everyone.

Have a similar experience?  I'd love to hear about it.  Hit up the comments section below.