We had an awesome show in Idaho Falls last night! The radio stations from both Pocatello and Idaho Falls came out to show their support and the turn out was fantastic. We are so excited to get back to Idaho!

After the show, we stopped back at our home-stay's house to get our luggage. Mitch was the only one that ended up showering. I was planning on it but by that time I was so tired I just wanted to sleep. Chip drove us 3 hours to a Wal-mart right outside of Salt Lake City. We got up at 7am to go in and brush our teeth, then headed to the radio station, 101.1 K-BER. The hosts, Mick and Allen were super cool and incredibly welcoming. They didn't really know anything about us, so we got to know each other while on the air. By the time we left we realized that we have a ton of mutual friends.

We walked out of the station, feeling great about the new friendship with Mick and Allen, only to realize that our brand new axle is bent again, causing the tires to rub on the trailer and wear down. This has been and ongoing problem for the last 2 years. We get new axles every few months, due to the fact that we have 8250 lbs of gear in a trailer that is made to carry 4,000 lbs. So here we are in Salt Lake City, and not sure how far we can make it before blowing these tires. Tyler and I both got on the phone immediately to find an axle repair shop. We know we need a bigger trailer. We're hoping we can get this one fixed up to hold us until we find a bigger one for sale. I might have found one in Nashville, I'm just hoping we can afford it.

We are having the tires realigned on the trailer right now , so they won't rub anymore. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We 're playing The Royal tonight and then driving a bit to stay with some friends in Logan UT.

We are really looking forward to the live acoustic broadcast from Evergroove Studios next Thursday night. It's a solar-powered recording studio up in the mountains in Evergreen, CO. The owners have become like extended family to us over the past year and it's always so refreshing to be up there. Hope everyone tunes in!

– Phil Vilenski

Guitarist Phil Vilenski from Wayland is a touring contributor to WGRD.com. So, keep an eye out for more tour stories from the band!