You remember a couple of months ago I told you guys about that restaurant in Pennsylvania that got national attention when the owner of the restaurant decided to ban all little snot nose booger shooting, pants poopin little kids under the age of 6?   Well the owner did, and it created a pretty big controversy.    Back in July a guy named Mike Vuick who owns a restaurant in Monroeville Pennsylvania called McDains got national attention when he decided to ban all children under age 6 from his restaurant.

He called them young children, I called them I little poopy pants snot drippin screamin out of control little booger faces.    In an email to his customers he wrote “ We feel that McDains is not a place for young children.  Their volume can’t be controlled and many, many times, they have disturbed other customers.”     And this created a big controversial whoop de do.  People screamed racism!    And people screamed “that’s not legal!”    However it is legal.   Restaurants can’t ban people of different races or ban handicap people, that is illegal.  But that law doesn’t protect little snot nose booger shootin kids, you can ban them all you want, it is the restaurants right to refuse service to them.    And that’s exactly what they did.   And now, 4 months later,  the local media recently checked in with them, McDains restaurant, to see just how things were going after the little booger shooter ban.   Turns out…business is booming!   Hahaha….The owner says he has seen a massive 20% increase in business ever since he banned the little booger shooters.   (he said children, I said booger shooters).    He also says he has gotten a ton of positive feedback  on the policy, and its been about 20 to 1, in favor of the ban.

So, with that being said, if you’re a local restaurant owner and business has been kinda slow lately cuz your restaurant is always full of screaming snot nose little booger drippers…..might want to take a cue from that guy, and ban all children under 6.   Just saying, seems to have been the right move!