Hour 1
It may have taken a day, but the guys explained how they feel more sick today from Steve and Joe running than they did yesterday. They had danger blinders on and they described what that was like. There was a minor league game that got a little crazy and we discussed how that was.

Hour 2
Beginning the hour, we read an email from a listener who is a gas station clerk. He wrote how his job sucks and the crappy morning he had. We played the audio of the Marine who asked Mila Kunis out to the Marine's Ball but because he is old, Zane turned on him. Purple heart Matt explained that she will need security when she goes because everyone gets hammered at the balls. We finished off the hour replaying the audio of Joe and Steve running with the bulls.

Hour 3
A motorcyclist with no health insurance crashed and hit his head. Despite saying he didn't want to go to the hospital, he was airlifted there. Now he is suing because his medical bills are substantial and he didn't want to go to the hospital. There is a restaurant in Pennsylvania that put a policy in affect that bans children under the age of six. It seems he is just being an old guy telling kids to "get off my lawn". Producer Joe checked in at the end of the hour and did another European D-mic interview. There seemed to be a language barrier.

Hour 4
We opened up the topic of whether or not there are aliens in the universe. Specifically living among us. Everyone on the show agreed to some degree that there is alien life based on number of solar systems, planets, stars and galaxies. In the Free Beer and How Wings Report there was talk of Seinfield's house in Ohio that is for sale. Over 15000 square feet going for around 18 million and we had an update on the guy who gave Derek Jeter his 3000th hit ball back. It seems he is getting a sweet gift from the Yankees but can't afford the taxes on it. Netflix has changed their prices and everyone is in a tizzy. Why? Who knows. We finished the hour doing difficult interview questions/riddles from different consulting firms.

Hour 5
We had more difficult interview questions/riddles that we did and we took emails and calls from people who actually interview using the questions. And even ones who just had a good riddle too. We had a listener email from Josie who listens in Youngstown, OH that we read on air. She was someone who hated us at first and turned a fan over a couple of weeks. That segment ended with Free Beer giving a riddle before What Hot Wings Thinks. He then answered that riddle in the next segment and we continued to read listener emails of people who love the show now. See you tomorrow!