Motley Crue will get a hero's welcome when they return to the area that made them famous.  The band will be recognized for their success at this year's Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Rock AAA reports that Motley Crue will receive the "Elmer Valentine Award" on August 18 in a ceremony to honor their influence on the Strip and kick off the 3-day festival.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the Sunset Strip Music Festival,” drummer Tommy Lee said.  “It means a lot to us that we are recognized for our contribution to this historic place.”

The head of the Sunset Strip Music Festival explained why the rock vets deserved the award.

“Bursting onto the scene in the early ’80s with a sound and style that blended punk, glam and heavy metal, Mötley Crüe helped re-establish The Sunset Strip as one of the top music destinations in the world,” SSMF Executive Director Todd Steadman stated.

“The band has forever left their mark on the music industry and The Sunset Strip, and we’re looking forward to celebrating their influence and bringing their spirited energy to this year’s tribute event.”

Motley Crue started out on the Sunset Strip early in their career, performing at clubs like Whiskey A Go-Go and the Roxy Theatre.  They even filmed the music video to "Kickstart My Heart" at the Whiskey and lived up the street from the venue for awhile.  30 years later and the band is still selling out shows.

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