Yes, you must insert another coin to play? Why? Because like most games today, Mortal Kombat is the next game to have an online pass. What does this mean?

This means you must have the special code to play online! Also meaning, if you buy the game used, you need to fork out $10 to play the game online! This same type of code will also be with Batman: Arkham City and F.E.A.R 3!

Why do they do this? Game developers do not make any money on used games, the developer charges you to play online so they make some money off your used game! If you buy it are fine.

Is this right? Well yea it a business perspective is makes sense, but to me the player........THAT SUCKS!!!! THAT'S MORE MONEY I GOTTA SPEND TO PLAY A DAMN GAME ONLINE!

But all in all, if I developed the game, I guess I would like to make money....