Our time is one in our planet's history that has given us just a tiny glimpse into exactly how dumb we are as a society. The social media giant Facebook has given every single idiot on the face of the Earth a place to say whatever the hell they want. Some people use this new platform to post naked pictures of themselves, others use it to spew hate, but many people find new and innovative ways to shout their stupidity at the top of the universe's highest mountain. Like this guy, Isaiah Cutler. He robbed a Pittsburgh market and then shared his joy on mother effin' Facebook.

18 year old Cutler loved to develop his network. He was bout some connectin' with his peers. So, he thought that showing the $8,000 in cash he just scored illicitly was gonna make for some SSIIIIICK pictures. The pictures snagged him a very impressive number of likes... including one from the Pittsburgh Police Dept. His two 14 year old accomplices face juvenile court and the wrath of their parents, while Cutler faces adult court on counts of theft, burglary and conspiracy. He's currently in jail and he's probably experiencing lots of pokes... but not the friendly Facebook kind.

[Source: ABC News]