The ole' inspector gag. It's been around almost as long as humans have been involved in the goings on of the universe. Up until now though, nobody had ever really tried it. Phillip Winikoff is an 81 year old man with 82 pound stones. He started knockin' on doors and offering the women in the Lauderdale Lake Apartment Complex his services. And two women actually took him up on his offer for free breast exams, even though he has never been an actual doctor!


His jiggly crime spree took place in 2006 and he just reached a plea deal with the courts and will serve 1 year in prison. If you are into math... that is 3 months per puppy. Now he will probably be the one undergoing less than credible breast examinations from someone named "The Squash" in a poorly guarded shower room in some Florida prison.

[Via: WTSP]