Meet Mamba, a Brazilian Suicide Girl who spends most of her free time painting and in clouds. She says her favorite music is the sound of birds and the beach.

Name: Mamba

Age: 31

Location: Brazil

Into: Painting, kickboxing

Makes me happy: Home

Makes me sad: Earth peace

Hobbies: Exercise, running

Five things I can’t live without: My dog, my paintings, sports, men, women

Vices: Food in general.

I spend most of my free time: In clouds

Favorite music:

  1. Electro music
  2. Something of rock
  3. Ambient and chill
  4. Birds sounds
  5. Beach sounds
  6. Nirvana

Favorite films:

  1. Fight club!
  2. Australia
  3. Anaconda
  4. Kill Bill
  5. Crash
  6. 21 grams
  7. Anatomy
  8. Alien, all
  9. The others

Favorite books:

  1. Art books
  2. Metaphisic
  3. H.R.Giger collections
  4. Entre el cielo y la tierra
  5. The Power of the Dreams
  6. Anatomy books
  7. Animal pic
  8. Massages and Chinese medicine

Favorite TV shows:

  1. News, sometimes
  2. Not watching TV
  3. Read


  1. H.R.Giger
  2. Salvador Dali
  3. Frida Callo
  4. Miguel Angel Flores
  5. Fernando Fraga
  6. Me

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