Back in 1998, I got a game for my Nitendo 64 named Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I had played many Zelda games before it, but nothing was compared to the stellar gameplay, amazing graphics, and great storytelling this game had.

Turns out Nintendo wants to cash in on its success, by releasing it on Nintendo 3DS with polished visuals and touch screen mechanics. How can you remake such an amazing title? Did it work?

In short, HELL YES it did! Why?

It is the same game yes, but it looks way better. Sure they polished things and got rid of the blocky-ness of the dated N64, but they added a lot. Be it a flower, or overall texture, whatever, it looks more complete.

The touch screen is where it shines, no more switching those damn Iron Boots in the water temple by pressing start. Just poke em' and you got it!

One thing they could have changed, the music. It's great for nostalgia, but a fully orchestrated soundtrack would be nice. They did it for LoZ: Twilight Princess, why not LoZ: Ocarina of Time? Those are the songs we enjoy the most! Especially since the game is concentrated around a damn INSTRUMENT!

Overall, the game is great, and still great as it was 13 years ago. So if you have a 3DS, grab this one, and plug your 3DS into the wall, cause you will play this game a lot.