Hour 1
Free Beer started us off with a familiar story today. A homeless person tried to jump in front of his car but Free Beer diverted by driving around first. We talked a bit about the last few days videos from Spain where Joe and Steve ran with the bulls. The insanity in the arena is still incredible. We discussed a story about a kid who claimed lighting cannot strike a family twice. This was 50 years after his father was struck and killed by lightning. Don't taunt mother nature.

Hour 2
We caught up with former intern Wiener 2 about how the sale of Zane's house fell through. He was then beat up for re-watching all seven seasons of Entourage before the season premiere Sunday. Seems like a crazy thing to do for a TV show. Nater-Tot was in today and was still wearing his Harry Potter glasses from the night before. That may have warranted in a little bit of beat up. The Roger Clemens trial might be wrapped up. To conclude the fiasco, a mistrial was declared because jurors were supposedly shown inadmissible evidence. We had a quiz with the show members today of Harry Potter spell or legal term?

Hour 3
A woman offered a little girl a horse as a gift. After the offer, though, the horse got shot and killed by a drive by hunter. The woman offered no apologies or a horse anymore. There is a story about a pair of hippie parents who beat Hot Wings in the "wait the longest to name your kid" contest. They waited and allowed the kid to name itself! We took calls from people who hated their names. There was a survey recently about the worst things to wear to work and flip-flops took the cake. We took some calls about ridiculous clothes wearing at work. Some people just do not care!

Hour 4
A male cheerleader at the University of Kentucky somehow fell backwards out of a window. On the way down, he did a backflip in air and tried to land on his feet. He broke a lot of bones and such, but he lived! In the FBHW Report, we discussed Hugh Hefner's failed marriage and wedding and how it turns out a failed marriage for him equals three hot new girlfriends. Rough life. There is a story out of Oklahoma where a random lady was attacked and forced into a car accident by some lady who claimed she was Casey Anthony. The only similarities were that they are both white.

Hour 5
There was a list of three questions to ask on a first date to know if it is going to work. They seemed very arbitrary and shouldn't tell you anything. Our very own Free Beer had someone join the "chutzpah" brethren this week. A news reporter pronounced the word the same way. Basically it was a way to bring up Free Beer's classic moment. We finished up the show by playing a news story update with the old actor who married the 16 year old girl. The interview was awkward because she kept giving him sex face. She looks incredibly fake and haggard. That is all for the week. See ya Monday when Joe and Steve will be back!