Linkin Park may have strayed away from their nu-metal roots with their last album, A Thousand Suns, but few would expect the band to cover Adele. Vocalists Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda performed an acoustic session with LP fan club members in Germany when the duo decided to do their take on the U.K. songtress' hit, "Rolling In The Deep".

The session was as unplugged as you can get, with Shinoda on guitar and Bennington singing without a mic. I'm honestly impressed with Bennington's vocals on the song. While he can't match Adele's vocal range verbatim, the performance is still top notch. My only gripe is the crowd's out-of-sync clapping near the end. You could tell that was throwing Bennington off a little bit.

Linkin Park will play a free show in London on July 4 as part of the iTunes Festival. The band has also confirmed that they are working on their fifth studio album.

Thanks to NME for the heads up.

Watch LP's "Rolling In The Deep" cover below. Think Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda do the song justice?

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