In the age of the Internet, it seems passing out flyers is a lost art for a lot of bands. However, one of the biggest acts in the world has decided to go back to their roots. Members of Linkin Park went around town handing out flyers to one of their gigs. Check out the video below to see the humorous results.

Co-lead vocalist Mike Shinoda, guitarist Brad Delson and bassist Dave Farrell decided to spread the word about Linkin Park's performance at the Sunset Strip Music Festival August 3 in West Hollywood, CA. The trio became their own street team as they went to a local print shop to mass produce flyers for the show. They cleverly avoided using their real band name, instead going with Hybrid Theory, the title to Linkin Park's 2000 debut.

It seems the musicians were a little rusty when it came to street promoting, as Delson messed up on the first batch of flyers to cut. "We don't want to waste any money, dude," Shinoda jokes. "We can't afford to be throwing flyers away."

Most of the people Linkin Park handed flyers to didn't seem to realize who were in front of them. One wise man knew what was up, answering with "Your music," when he was asked what kind of music he listened to. The guys decided to try their luck at the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles - but they didn't fare much better. However, one college student knew the "One Step Closer" hit makers were in his presence. He just couldn't figure out who was who.

"Are you Chester [Bennington]," the student asked Delson. "He's the singer, right?" He followed that up by asking if Delson was a drummer, who finally revealed to the clueless sap that he is the guitarist. At least the kid knew who Bennington was, who was one of the members missing in this hilarious video. Maybe the vocalist was too busy with his new band, Stone Temple Pilots, to help out.

The lesson to be learned today is that NO band is too big to pass out flyers to the unsuspecting public.

Watch Linkin Park Pass Out Flyers

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