It’s almost time for the King of the Wing, and it’s going to make the wing lover in you so happy!

Today, Metalhead Ned and I got to preview the wings that Crooked Goose will be serving at King of the Wing. They’re amazing! If you haven't tried its wings, check them out at King of the Wing and you'll be hooked!

The nice people at Crooked Goose, 355 Wilson Ave. NW in Walker's Standale neighborhood, hooked us up with the three flavors of wings they're bringing out to King of the Wing for everyone to sample. They were all really, really good!

The Red Hot Honey wings, made with Lowell honey, have a bit of that Buffalo flavor, but with a sweet honey flavor that leaves the heat in and lessens some of that Tabasco flavor of normal Buffalo sauce. It's aA really good take on the Buffalo sauce that everyone has come to know and love.

The Sweet Garlic Soy wings are a different flavor altogether. They have that Asian style flavor from the soy, with a great sweet flavor. They're not too heavy on the garlic, and it's just right in the sauce to give these wings a nice kick.

Their Grilled Caribbean wings are my favorite. Not only do they have that amazing Caribbean style flavor and seasoning on them, but grilling the wings instead of frying them gives them a different texture and keeps them from covering your hands in sauce. You get all the grilled flavor, the tiny bits of grill char that makes everything better…these are great wings.

While we were making total messes of ourselves eating wings, we heard the manager singing in the back and we were told that she's auditioned on some singing TV shows. So, of course, we tried to get her to sing for us about the wings.  Watch our attempts on the video, after the general manager introduces us to our meal.

The wings we got to devour!
The great people at Crooked Goose hooking us up with the wings!