It’s almost time for the King of the Wing, and it’s going to make the wing lover in you so happy!  Today, I got to preview the wing flavors that Buffalo Wild Wings will be serving at the King of the Wing, and they're amazing!  Don't think chain wing flavors here.  These are flavors you might not think about trying, but you should.

These aren't just hot, medium and mild buffalo sauces.  They're serving up a Honey Bourbon Sauce, Carribean Jerk, Chipotle BBQ dry rub, and Honey BBQ.

The Honey Bourbon is nice and sweet, with a bit of spice after.  The Carribean Jerk is great, with a bit of a kick at the end.  The Honey BBQ is their most popular flavor, and the Chipotle BBQ dry rub is freaking fantastic!  This was my favorite of the group, even though they're all great.  Metalhead Ned picked the Honey Bourbon as his number one.

Thanks to Raphael and the entire staff at the Alpine store for having us in today, and look for them at the King of the Wing!  Don't think you can dismiss these as chain-wings, these guys have control of their store locally, and have some amazing wings that you really do have to try at the King of the Wing on April 26th!

Stop in at the Alpine location and try these flavors today, they're great!  Say hi to Raphael and the super nice staff, too!