March 23rd, join King Crabapple at Billy's Lounge in Grand Rapids for a CD release party of epic proportions!  King Crabapple and Lady Ace Boogie team up to drop two albums in one night.  And the lineup doesn't stop with them!  King Crabapple and Lady Ace Boogie are bringing in some of GR and Muskegon's finest to help celebrate!

We're throwing it down at Billy's with some truly amazing acts. There might not be a roof on the place by the time we're through... - King Crabapple

Dual CD Release Party - March 23rd @ Billy's Lounge, Grand Rapids


Check out a video from King Crabapple below.

Check out a video from Lady Ace Boogie below.

At the end of last year, we ran a contest where all the listeners could vote for who had the best local live performance of 2012.  King Crabapple were your winners!  Now we are hooking them up by promoting their CD release party on March 23rd.