Guys, I know you've put a lot of work into that Movember 'stache, but now it's  December, and probably time to pick up a razor. What better way to end No Shave November, and say goodbye to all that facial hair than with bacon-scented shaving cream? J & D Foods, creators of Baconaisse , Bacon Pop popcorn, and the Bacon Coffin, now bring you Bacon Shaving Cream.

Better add this pork scented lather to your Christmas list soon though! They only made 2,500 jars, available for purchase starting on November 28th at

According to the site, the "high end, luxurious bacon-scented shaving cream" is just $14.99 and perfect for to use "after a  hot shower or before an important date with someone you may want to spend the rest of your life with".

Now, if you're really serious about bacon, go all way with the The Bacon Aroma Collection, which includes bacon-scented roses and stickers.