I am already addicted to Lord of the Rings Online, so I really don't need another game to occupy my time. Well a fellow coworker is all about League of Legends and so I was like, oh what the hell, and down loaded it.
I am an ADDICT! No joke I play all the time, I even brought my laptop to work and played while I was sitting here at the studio!

Any of you play this uber addicting game? Well guess what I completely suck at it, but I am also completely sucked in! I always play Annie, and I even went as far as spending my last 10 dollars just to get some more points to buy a new skin!Some a-hole on my team during a blind pick even called me out on being a noob, well WTF if you were put on my team your a noob too because we are all low levels or we wouldn't have been paired together!
That rant aside. I need help, so uh ya got tips let me know...