I am super addicted to LOTRO (Lord of the rings online) and have been playing for a few months now. So I am part of this fellowship and we had been playing for a solid 6 hours. After playing until my eyes were burning and my butt was asleep we decided to attempt an extremely difficult raid. We have six people in our fellowship and I am the "woman hunter" alright for those of you who don't play, a hunter is a master of the bow and can shoot targets at a long range, while all those other douchey mc-doucherstiens have to run up and attack with a sword.

So I'm getting really antsy and and just want to finish this raid. We all were gathered just outside Thrang (the dude we want to kill) Our minstrel was trying to heal the group before we attacked and my dumb as$ accidently hit the tilda ( ` ) key and sent a stream of arrows out aggroing one of Thrangs stupid mother effing minions which in turn attacked us and pwned us so bad we had to go back and restart the whole thing!
Moral of the story is, I pulled a Leeroy Jenkins, and I am an idiot, so here is the real Leeroy Jenkins video in honor of my awful game play.