Less than a month after Detroit rock duo the White Stripes announced their breakup, Jack White says he will not join another band.  The singer / songwriter / producer / record label and shop owner is apparently satisfied with his other bands, The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs.

Speaking to Q (thanks to DIY), White says he has enough projects to keep him busy from starting any new groups.

"I won’t join another band again," White states.  "Three’s enough for one lifetime. If I can’t say it in any of these bands, then I’ll say it by myself".

However, collaborations are still on the table as the musician recorded a song with hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.  While it's unclear whether that song will be released or not, White will be featured on Danger Mouse's new album with composer Daniele Luppi called Rome, due out May 16.

Even though The White Stripes called it quits, it seems Jack White will be quite the busy man for years to come.

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