A Colorado dad tired to smuggle heroin to  his inmate son by sticking it in his butt,  and then once inside the prison, planned on pulling it out of his butt, sticking it in his mouth, and then passing it to his son with an open mouth tongue kiss!      This one is grossapalooza!

A 56 year old guy named Donald Denny from Lakeside California went to Florence Colorado to visit his 29 year old son, Donald Jr in Federal Prison…..and for the past couple of months they’d been planning for Donald Sr to smuggle some Heroin into the prison for Donald Jr to sell……and here was the genius plan they came up with….…..Donald Sr would get a golf ball size bag of heroin, and cram it into his rectal cavity…once he was inside the prison, he would remove it from his rectal cavity and put it in his mouth….(yuk)……and then he and his son would tongue kiss each other….and pass the heroin that way…..hahaha….yuk!!   I don’t know whats grosser, sticking a bag of heroin that just came out of your butt in your mouth….or tongue kissing your dad!   Needless to say….the plan didn’t work….cuz they’d been talking about their plan over the phone, and apparently didn’t realize that all prison calls are monitored….…….Now dads headed to prison too, where I guess if he likes…he can tongue kiss his son every night….….freakin gross….