Are you a horror movie fan?  I am.  Love them.  If I have the choice of movie to watch, I'll usually pick the scary movie first, before comedy or action.  LONG before chick-flick.

Back in the old days Hammer  was the big name in horror and made so many horror movies, essentially building careers for actors like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  They really paved the way for scary movies to become the huge product they've become.

Unfortunately for us horror movie freaks, there was a slow period that really killed Hammer for a long time.  But luckily, they've been making a comeback over the last few years, with movies like 2012's "The Woman in Black", which probably sold more tickets to people just wanting to see Harry Potter, but still was a good movie.  They also remade a creepy Swedish movie about a kid vampire, called Let Me In, and it's debatable which version is better.

They're got a new movie coming out soon called, "The Quiet Ones", where some Oxford students help their professor try to create a ghost and capture it on film.  It looks pretty cool, I look forward to checking it out!

If you like a good scary movie, check out the trailer: