I have a great friend I met in college who was a fellow Ferris State athlete. Jordan Moore, Jordan had some hidden talents though I didn't know about until after our athletic years. Jordan is in a band called Sargent Avenue, a Grand Rapids based band. These guys have been working on their debut album "Euphoria" for over a year and today it is finally released! The band has partnered up with a non profit organization called Traffic Jam that fights human and child sex trafficking. Sargent Avenue went with Traffic Jam to Thailand and Cambodia a year ago and had the opportunity to perform at the MTV Exit festival in Chang Mai . After seeing first hand what this so called industry is doing to innocent woman and children the band decided that their mission was to help put an end to it. As they release this album "Euphoria" they hope that it will create enough revenue to build a safe house in Thailand for victimized woman and children.

What an amazing cause! I can't get over this, every album they sell is going directly to their cause! It's a lofty goal but I really think it can be done. I told them I would help all I could. Here's what we need to do! Check out one of the songs on the album. If you like it, and you like the cause then head over to iTunes and purchase it! Every purchase is going toward building a safe house in Thailand!

Sargent Avenue- Manchester