Hour 1

A few years ago, Zane's wife went nuts over Taylor Hicks when he won American Idol. Zane informed us this morning that American Idol Mania has returned to his house, as his 14 year old daughter is obsessed with one of the finalists. He's going to get video of her crying, regardless of him winning or losing. Free Beer was doing some online banking yesterday and noticed that his wife's checking account had some big purchases that she had not made. It turned out that someone got her credit card info and was using it to do a bunch of online shopping!

Hour 2

Butthead Lautner joined us on the show this morning to attempt to defend himself of the allegations yesterday that he had a crush on Zane's 14 year old daughter. Poor BL didn't fare so well and the guns turned on him quickly. We played the audio of the 911 calls that came in when Macho Man got in the deadly car accident over the weekend. We also listened to the audio tribute (?) of the Ultimate Warrior talking about how he and Macho Man used to chug coffee together before wrestling events. A list came out of six crazy things that celebrities have insured. On the list were such things as chest hair, cans and voices.

Hour 3

In the Cool Links section, you'll see the new Dove ad that we talked about this morning. Some people are saying that it is racist and it basically says that the soap works so well, it will turn a black woman white. Check it out and decide for yourself! We talked a great deal this morning about the crazy tornados that have demolished parts of the midwest, including Joplin, MO. For absolutely no reason, Zane busted in this morning to give a swimming update on a woman that he saw swimming at the YMCA yesterday. Apparently, her time was really fast. This conversation then turned to talk about Free Beer learning to swim and each of us taking up a task that we would have once considered to be impossible.

Hour 4

Harold Camping, the kooky old man that runs Family Radio and incorrectly predicted the end of the world, finally spoke last night about his botched prediction. It looks like he wasn't wrong at all. The apocalypse is just rescheduled for late October. In today's FBHW Report, we gave the latest Lance Armstrong update, watched the video of Obama's limo getting stuck and played the audio of a reporter calling herself stupid. There's a new line of condoms coming out that are super expensive. They cost about $56 for a 12 pack and it is said that they are 10 times more slippery than regular condoms.

Hour 5

We played a round of sex frequency Price is Right on the show this morning. We were surprised by a few of the statistics on the list and laughed at a horrible guess by Producer Joe. We closed the show by once again visiting BL's horrible defense from earlier in the show. Talk to you in on Wednesday morning.