I was at the bar this past weekend and I walked by this chick and I heard her say “sex with an armless mannequin”, and I stopped right there in my tracks and asked her to tell me the story, I had to hear this one! She said a couple weeks ago a 61 year old West Virginia guy was arrested for having intercourse with an armless mannequin, at a public park at 3pm in the afternoon!

She said cops on bikes patrolling the park spotted 61 year old Eddie Cambell, without any pants on, and as they approached Cambell, they said that he was sitting on park bench, in the middle of the park, engaged in full on sexual intercourse with an armless mannequin! He had used a pocked knife to carve an actual ‘hole’ into the crotch of the mannequin! Hahaha!

Officers instructed Cambell to cease the intercourse with the mannequin immediately and to put his creepy wiener away and to pull his pants back up, and then they arrested him and charged him with trespassing and indecent exposure , but they say there maybe additional charges, since there were children present at the park that afternoon. Hmmm, creepy guy sex in the middle of a park at 3 in the afternoon with an armless mannequin?

Sound like fun to you guys? Well, it sure as hell sounded like fun to creepy 61 year old Eddie Cambell! Gross.