I don't know what is up with this one, I just know a chick I was killing beers with at the bar the other night told me about it and I thought it was funny as hell. She told me the headline read something like this "Man walks into Walmart dressed as cow, steals 26 gallons of milk!” She told me an 18 year old guy walked into a Virginia Walmart dressed as a cow, and I'm talking full on cow costume and walking on all fours and even mooing!

Then the guy strolls back to the milk section, loads 26 gallons of milk into a shopping cart, and then pushes the cart out without paying for any of it! And no one is even sure how, because even though the guy was making a massive scene (dressed as a cow) he still somehow managed to successfully shoplift the milk! Cops caught the guy about an hour later in front of a McDonalds as he was skipping down the street, dressed as a cow, and handing out free jugs of milk to people!

I love it! She told me the sheriffs department released a statement saying "uh...yea,....we have no idea!” Hahahah...I have no idea either! I just know a guy in a cow costume stole 26 gallons of milk and started handing it out on the street!