I had a few beers at a bar last night to celebrate Groundhog Day. OK, I had a few beers because I felt like it and it also just happened to be Groundhog Day.

While actually discussing whether the magical rodent saw his shadow or not, there he appeared on television!

"Wait, did the groundhog just bite that guy on the face?!"

Yes, yes he did.

I thought all visionary Groudhogs who predict the weather were named "Punxatawy Phil".


This guy's name is Jimmy. And he was not pleased to be a part of America's Groundhog Day shenanigans.

WISC reports that during the Groundhog Day celebration in Sun Prairie Wisconsin, Jimmy was supposed to "whisper" the forecast to the city's Mayor, Jonathan Freund.

Instead, Jimmy went in for a bite.

This must've flustered the Mayor because he reported that Jimmy did not see his shadow, thus meaning an early spring.

However, Jimmy's handlers say that's not the case, that Jimmy did see his shadow, and there will be six more weeks of winter.

The city later issued a statement saying only the mayor can translate Jimmy's prediction.

Well OK then. Seems very reliable and scientific.