Wicked Ways Tattooing and WGRD wanted to find and fix Grand Rapids’ worst tattoo!  After a ton of submissions a 5 full days of voting, we have found Grand Rapids' worst tattoo.

Congrats to Allen S, and his purple and blue blob thingy with a green corkscrew protruding from it...  Or at least that is best description we can give.

Here is the story behind the tattoo as told by Allen:

I went with a friend to a guy named "Tat"'s house when I was young. All the guys there had black and white tattoos done by this guy and they looked okay. I told him what I wanted and even gave him a tapestry to look at as he did it. It is supposed to be the cover art from Far Beyond Driven and the start of my full back piece. Not so much!!! I tried to get my money back, and he and his friends basically told me to [Expletive Deleted] off. Now I'm stuck with this and can't even afford to get it covered up. PLEASE HELP!

And here is what the tattoo was supposed to look like...