At some point in time, when this game came out...everyone went from "I want to be a Firefighter dad!" to "I want to be a city planner dad!" I'm not really sure how many people became city planners because of this game, but there has to be at least one or two. Who would have thought that adjusting city tax, building residential and commercial zones, would be fun? Well it was, and still is.

What: Sim City is the super popular game that was released on PC, where you are the mayor of a city and YOU build it. Build everything from power plants, football stadiums, roads, train tracks, etc! Make sure you maintain your city though and keep the citizens happy...they will always complain about taxes...

Why: It was basically the first of it's kind. Many gamers call this type of game a "God game." Reason being is because you control everything! Want a tornado? It's just a click away! A concept like this to many younger gamers today would find this quite boring, because it's all about shooting something today. However, there is still a very large amount of gamers that still enjoy building a city.

Building a residential zone and watching it grow with little square homes gave you a sense of accomplishment, and when a skyscraper was built? You were on top of the world! SimCity just had a lot to offer, and it is still being made today.

They have SimCity 2000, 3000, Streets of SimCity, and then the ill-fated new one that REQUIRED you to be! Not only did it have sequels, but SimCity also began the building a 'Sim' empire! With games like SimTower, SimFarm, SimCopter...and considered one of the greatest games of all time...The Sims.

All of that aside though, nothing could top the first SimCity!