Mortal Kombat, the first game where you could decapitate someone. Isn't that just awesome? Mortal Kombat became a HIGHLY successful game in the arcades and home consoles. When a game sells over a million copies, what does that mean to developer? LET'S MAKE A SEQUEL! With way more blood, and more gruesome deaths!

What: Mortal Kombat II is the insanely popular sequel to the original Mortal Kombat. Shang Tsung has been shamed in this defeat in the first Mortal Kombat tournament. Begging forgiveness from Shao Khan, Tsung is granted his youth and Kahn is now here to clean up the mess. Battle for OUTWORLD! 1 vs 1 battle to the top and conquer all!

Why: I love the first MK, but MK II blew the old one out of the water for me. Not much change in control, but they sped up the game play, which made the game flow a lot better than the original. Larger blood splats, the dreaded acid pool, and you could play as REPTILE! The roster of hidden characters grew too! Finding Smoke and Jade was challenging and fun to figure out. MK II took everything from the first game, and made it better. Plus, Kano wasn't a featured character....and man....I hated Kano...he always kicked my ass.