Recently I bought a Nintendo far, the game console is really fun! I really only have one game for the thing, but it has been around for quite a few years now. Zelda has always been some of the most top notch games in gaming history (Ocarina of Time being my favorite), and many people saw this game originally and though, "WTF?!?!" Until they played it...

What: Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker, you play as Link (as usual), going out to save your sister Aryl. Then you find out about your true destiny, as Ganondorf has reigned terror over the land once again! I don't want to spoil the story, because it is pretty cool how it is brought to life.

Why: When this game came out, people were expecting a SUPER GRAPHIC AND REALISTIC Zelda game...what they got instead was this. At first, people shunned it for it's strange cartoony look. Then when they started to play it, it was classic 3D Zelda at it's finest. The control was great, Link's facial expressions were funny, and my favorite part is the story. If you follow the timeline of the games, this one fits strangely well after Ocarina of Time. Sailing is fun, and finding those little Triforce shards is tedious...but for some reason, challenging and fun to find those little treasures. All in all, it is a true classic Zelda game.

Overall, LOZ: The Wind Waker started off 'rocky' but after a few years, it has become a very welcome addition to the Zelda family. It was so good, that it has an HD-remake for the Nintendo Wii U...and it looks amazing!