Before there was the super popular Facebook game of Farmville....there was a similar game (but way better) on home consoles named Harvest Moon. Yea, I does sound like a very boring game in today's standards. I mean come on...HARVEST MOON?!? That doesn't sound fun at all! Wrong you are!

What: Harvest Moon is an easy to play game that is FULL of stuff to do. From watering your crops, attending town festivals, meeting town folk, making friends, and even getting married. It was The Sims....before The Sims. You have 3 years (in game time) to prove to the landlord that you can provide for the town, fix up the farm, and be a friendly towns person, if you do well, you will continue to live there.

Why: In a small way, this game can teach pretty much anyone how to provide for a family and keep a schedule. I know it sounds crazy, but it really does. Don't plant new seeds before a season change, you will just waste your money! Want to get a girl to like you? Find out what she likes and figure out what the best direction to go is. Let's call this game, a "Life Simulator." Besides the general game play, finding everything in this game is a challenge. From collecting photographs, finding all of the "hidden scenes," finding buried treasure on the farm, building extensions to your farm, purchasing animals, THE LIST COULD GO ON! This game is FULL of things to do! Best part though, it is really fun to find everything, and this game will suck you into its game play, and never let go.Most people prefer the SNES version of game, but the N64 version hooked me to the series, and it will to you too.

Heck, even my friend and I back in High School, even made a Homemade players guide for the was over 200 pages long!

Looking for something that will consume a ton of time? Check out Harvest Moon 64!