It's official: Foo Fighters have finally given a name to their upcoming album.  Wasting Light will be available April 12, the first studio album from the Foos in four years.

Dave Grohl has said in the past that the record is one of their heaviest in years, with no sleepy ballad in the mix.  Wasting Light also marks the reunion of Dave Grohl with former Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic and producer Butch Vig, who was behind the grunge pioneers' blockbuster landmark Nevermind.

“Butch [Vig] swears that he’s had more fun making this record than any other record than he’s made in his life – that’s a lot of records,” states Grohl.

The album was recorded in Grohl's garage with no computers.

"I literally backed the minivan out of the garage, pulled the lawnmower out, put a drum set in it and set up mics," said Grohl of the album, tracked on old school analog gear.  "We soundproofed the garage door so that my neighbors wouldn't call the f_____ cops."

That's as close to garage rock as you can get.  And working with Butch Vig for the first time after so many years?  Well, Grohl told Q Magazine that it wasn't so bad.

"Going back to make an album with a producer you've worked with before is not unlike going back and f_____ a girlfriend you had 20 years ago.  It can either be really good or a total f____ disaster.  But it was perfectly natural and totally comfortable and he's the same person he was 20 years ago.  He wears cologne now.  I think that's the only difference."

Check out the full tracklisting below.  You can also watch a new Foos video that they released on Valentine's Day called "White Limo", which features a pretty drunk Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, here.

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Wasting Light tracklist:
Bridge Burning
Dear Rosemary
White Limo
These Days
Back & Forth
A Matter Of Time
Miss The Misery
I Should Have Known

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